Things to keep in mind when in Monaco

Monaco harbor

When in Rome, do as the Romans do! The best way to make the most of your trip is learning in advance the ways and means to do so in the place you are visiting! So, what are the things you need to know and keep in mind when in Monaco? Here’s the list – have a look before you set off to one of the most beautiful locations across the world!

Tree watching here is a must

Located in the Mediterranean country, Monaco boasts of quite a lot of exquisite plant species. And do we want to miss out on them? No! The plant species here are worth identifying and admiring, so do give it a try. Get hold of some localite who would love to join you in the tree watching adventure!

Watching trees

There’s nothing called as affordable or cheap stay in Monaco

Well, you better be prepared with this one. The hotels, resorts, and accommodations in Monaco scream extravagance, luxury, and grandeur – so don’t expect to find anything that’s budget-friendly when it comes to accommodations here. Be ready to splurge, after all; you want to make most of this trip!

Public transport is the best

Monaco is a small little country, and though the GPS may be effective in other parts of the world, it isn’t as efficient when it comes to Monaco’s bylanes and tiny streets! So why go for GPS hunting when you have an extremely reliable and cost-effective public transport system in Monaco? The best bet here is the public transport system, so make the most use of it!

Postcard and stamp saga

Monaco has the reputation of churning out beautiful stamps, so why not spread the cheer? Even if you aren’t an ardent stamp collector, the stamps here will definitely fascinate you. So get those postcards and paste those artsy stamps on them and send them off to friends and family all over -simple, elegant and cost-effective souvenirs!


Visit all the delightful places

Apparently, Monaco is a place filled with a lot of intriguing places. So before you venture out, make a list of all these out of the box places which also happen to be hotshots in Monaco. Read about Monaco as you make your list, or, you could even befriend a localite who would help you make it to all these places!

So, all set for your Monaco trip?