Must visit places in Monaco


Monaco is a land of wonders – it’s a tiny little country with loads of tiny jewels in it. And that’s precisely what makes Monaco a loved destination to travel. So much so that Monaco is slowly catching up with the world when it comes to top-ranked travel countries. But what exactly is it that makes Monaco so much sought after? Let’s take you through a tour of the country; the must-visit destinations which you must stop by while in Monaco:

Palais du Prince

The palace of the Prince of Monaco, full of grandeur and splendor is one must watch architectural marvel in Monaco. The palette of coordinated colors, the curated design, the minute architectural details is what makes this palace stand out. The castle was built in way back in the 13th century and is still stands in all its glory and pride as the prestige of Monaco.

Palais du Prince

The Monaco Grand Prix

The people of Monaco will be thronging streets just to get the glimpse of the whizzing Formula One cars, led by their drivers. This annual event is conducted in the last weekend of the month of May and is most awaited by both the people of Monaco and tourists, so be aware of this when you travel to Monaco. This race is more of a tradition and has been continuing since the 20th century! So if fast cars are your thing, do plan your trip to Monaco this time of the year.

The Princess Grace Rose garden

The beautiful garden crafted in memory of Monaco’s beloved Princess Grace is worth visiting. Tonnes of roses are arranged in beautiful patterns, making the garden a beautiful floral adornment. Do give it a visit while touring the nation.

The Cathedral

Another architectural marvel, you cannot give this Cathedral a miss when on tour to Monaco. This cathedral boasts of a beautiful amalgamation of the dual Roman-Byzantine culture in terms of architecture. The striking white stones appease the eye, as well as the fact that the royalty of Monaco is buried here, makes this cathedral even more critical in the history of Monaco.

The Cathedral

The Musee Oceonographique

One of the oldest aquariums in the world, the Musee Oceonographique also holds the privilege of being commissioned by Prince Albert I, who was the great grandfather of the reigning prince of Monaco. Around 6000 species of fish swim around in 100 pools, giving visitors the satisfaction of viewing so many species of fish at once.

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