Must try local food in Monaco

Monaco evening

Like all countries, Monaco too has its own cuisine – a delectable, subtle and tongue-tickling cuisine that will linger on your taste buds for quite a long time! And no, I’m not talking about the exquisite food that the big shot hotels in Monaco churn out, I’m talking about the street food here, and you have to try it out! What are those local delicacies which you mustn’t miss while in Monaco? Let’s take you on this food trail!

Swiss Chard Pie

All the sweet teeth out there, this ones for you! The Swiss Chard Pie is renowned all over the world for its unique and balanced taste. It is basically a two-layered pastry that is an amalgamation of Swiss Chard Blette, parsley, eggs, onions, rice and Parmesan cheese. Mouth’s watering already?

Swiss Chard Pie


For the savory people, this dish is a super hit in Monaco. It’s basically dried codfish that is cooked to perfection in tomato sauce. This tangy taste is then garnished with black olives and finely chopped vegetables. And make a note, this is a national favorite of the people of Monaco!


Another tempting sweet from the Monegasque cuisine – a sweet bread that’s topped with oranges, a variety of nuts and raisins. The star anise brings in the required spice to the Fougasse. The fougasse is a much-loved delicacy here and can be easily found in any local bakery here.


The perfect food for your sudden hunger pangs – the Monegasque barbaguian. A fried delicacy, the barbaguian is stuffed with vegetables, rice, chard and some cheese this appetizer is pretty filling, especially when you’re on the move. And, it’s cheap too!


This one’s a kind of focaccia that is peppered with ample of tomatoes, olives and fried onions for that super savory taste. You can have this with a variety of sauces and it is also a perfect side dish for a host of other delicacies. Again, a must try street food when in Monaco!



A staple in Monaco and sold by street vendors throughout Monaco, Socca is a simple yet delicious dish. Socca is a wafery pancake that is made with chickpea flour and olive oil. Sounds bland, but you’ll know why it’s so talked about when you bite into one!

Apart from these mentioned delicacies, Monaco is a treasure hold when it comes to street food. So whenever you step into Monaco make sure you explore every alley that serves street food here!