Fun outdoor activities to try out in Monaco

Monaco at night

Monaco isn’t all about royalty, palaces, fine dining, luxurious living and so on – it also has an adventurous side to it! So when you’re in Monaco, make sure there’s a bit of time dedicated to adventure too! The best part about adventure in Monaco is that you not only get that adrenaline rush, but you also become totally one with nature, soaking in the beautiful scenes Monaco has to offer to you. So here’s a list of outdoor activities which you can indulge in while in Monaco:

Beach fun

Splendid beaches surround Monaco – the vast expanse of these beaches is what brings in tremendous scope for watersports in Monaco! So what does Monaco offer when it comes to watersports? A lot! You have everything ranging from sailing to canoeing and kayaking – Monaco has it all! The next time you’re in Monaco don’t forget to make the most of the fantastic water sports Monaco has to offer.



This is one fun, adventurous activity that has caught the world with a storm! Quite a considerable population of people across the world is actively involved in this modified treasure hunt which comes up as an exciting concept. And with all the illustrious history that Monaco brings along, who wouldn’t love to indulge in some treasure hunting here? So gear up and go geocaching while in Monaco!


Who wouldn’t love to cycle through the picturesque sceneries Monaco has to offer? Soak yourself in the beauty of Monaco as you cycle through the country! The best part? You can cycle from one end to the other end of this tiny country in less than a days time! Monaco is the second smallest country in the world so you can achieve the feat of cycling through it in a short span of time!



With so many beautiful water bodies surrounded with stunning views, who wouldn’t love spending some time fishing? And Monaco is the perfect place where you can indulge in some fishing. While you’re at it with bait and all in place, you won’t even realize how time passes by! That’s the best part about fishing here – soak up in the scenes around while hoping to catch some fish!

Mountain biking

If mere cycling isn’t for you, you’ve even got mountain biking here! Go across the beautiful mountain ranges in Monaco with the wind blowing in your face as you cruise through the tough turns and slopes!

So that’s a little bit of what you can do while out in Monaco! Cheers to your adventures in Monaco!