5 Reasons to visit Monaco

Monaco view

Monaco is a must visit place at least once in your lifetime. Monaco offers the best, and it will definitely satiate your tourist’s appetite! One thing that we all know is that Monaco is not that famous a place when it comes to tourism – we don’t hear anyone saying I’ve been to Monaco lately, it’s always London, France, Switzerland and so on! But here are a few compelling reasons why you should give Monaco a try! Read on, and I know at the end of it you’ll be planning your getaway to Monaco!

The views

No matter where you’ve set camp in Monaco, the views – especially the sunrise and sunset- are priceless! So whether you have camped by the riverside or halted in a hotel room by the river, you are in for a beautiful morning! Don’t miss the stunning views Monaco has to offer in any case!

The views

The vintage car collection

Any vintage car fans here? Well, you have to get into Monaco as soon as you can! The Prince has put his personal car collection on display here. The car museum has quite a lot of interesting cars on display, a few of which have been an important part of history too!

The food

Well, we’re one of those who consider experimenting with food as an integral part of travel, aren’t we?! Well then, Monaco is the perfect place for you to satiate your taste buds. The subtle cuisine here, which has wafts of the Mediterranean touch is worth giving a try! You will be left spoilt for choice with the variety Monaco has to offer to you!


The size

Monaco is the second smallest country in the world – it’s just 0.76 miles! And this means you can walk from end to end through this country! And then you can proudly boast that you walked through an entire country on foot. This cutesy little country is calling out to you – go venture into its beautiful territories!

The Monaco Grand Prix

How about setting a nice little picnic while watching the Formula 1 racers zoom past with their stylish cars? Seems to be a fun idea! That’s what the people here do – they make the most of the Monaco Grand Prix by watching the races while lazing around having a relaxed picnic! Would you love to do it too?

There you go – ample reasons for you to start planning that impending trip!