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Must try local food in Monaco

Like all countries, Monaco too has its own cuisine – a delectable, subtle and tongue-tickling cuisine that will linger on your taste buds for quite a long time! And no, I’m not talking about the exquisite food that the big shot hotels in Monaco churn out, I’m talking about the street food here, and you have to try it out! What are those local delicacies which you mustn’t miss while in Monaco? Let’s take you on this food trail!

Swiss Chard Pie

All the sweet teeth out there, this ones for you! The Swiss Chard Pie is renowned all over the world for its unique and balanced taste. It is basically a two-layered pastry that is an amalgamation of Swiss Chard Blette, parsley, eggs, onions, rice and Parmesan cheese. Mouth’s watering already?

Swiss Chard Pie


For the savory people, this dish is a super hit in Monaco. It’s basically dried codfish that is cooked to perfection in tomato sauce. This tangy taste is then garnished with black olives and finely chopped vegetables. And make a note, this is a national favorite of the people of Monaco!


Another tempting sweet from the Monegasque cuisine – a sweet bread that’s topped with oranges, a variety of nuts and raisins. The star anise brings in the required spice to the Fougasse. The fougasse is a much-loved delicacy here and can be easily found in any local bakery here.


The perfect food for your sudden hunger pangs – the Monegasque barbaguian. A fried delicacy, the barbaguian is stuffed with vegetables, rice, chard and some cheese this appetizer is pretty filling, especially when you’re on the move. And, it’s cheap too!


This one’s a kind of focaccia that is peppered with ample of tomatoes, olives and fried onions for that super savory taste. You can have this with a variety of sauces and it is also a perfect side dish for a host of other delicacies. Again, a must try street food when in Monaco!



A staple in Monaco and sold by street vendors throughout Monaco, Socca is a simple yet delicious dish. Socca is a wafery pancake that is made with chickpea flour and olive oil. Sounds bland, but you’ll know why it’s so talked about when you bite into one!

Apart from these mentioned delicacies, Monaco is a treasure hold when it comes to street food. So whenever you step into Monaco make sure you explore every alley that serves street food here!

Fun outdoor activities to try out in Monaco

Monaco isn’t all about royalty, palaces, fine dining, luxurious living and so on – it also has an adventurous side to it! So when you’re in Monaco, make sure there’s a bit of time dedicated to adventure too! The best part about adventure in Monaco is that you not only get that adrenaline rush, but you also become totally one with nature, soaking in the beautiful scenes Monaco has to offer to you. So here’s a list of outdoor activities which you can indulge in while in Monaco:

Beach fun

Splendid beaches surround Monaco – the vast expanse of these beaches is what brings in tremendous scope for watersports in Monaco! So what does Monaco offer when it comes to watersports? A lot! You have everything ranging from sailing to canoeing and kayaking – Monaco has it all! The next time you’re in Monaco don’t forget to make the most of the fantastic water sports Monaco has to offer.



This is one fun, adventurous activity that has caught the world with a storm! Quite a considerable population of people across the world is actively involved in this modified treasure hunt which comes up as an exciting concept. And with all the illustrious history that Monaco brings along, who wouldn’t love to indulge in some treasure hunting here? So gear up and go geocaching while in Monaco!


Who wouldn’t love to cycle through the picturesque sceneries Monaco has to offer? Soak yourself in the beauty of Monaco as you cycle through the country! The best part? You can cycle from one end to the other end of this tiny country in less than a days time! Monaco is the second smallest country in the world so you can achieve the feat of cycling through it in a short span of time!



With so many beautiful water bodies surrounded with stunning views, who wouldn’t love spending some time fishing? And Monaco is the perfect place where you can indulge in some fishing. While you’re at it with bait and all in place, you won’t even realize how time passes by! That’s the best part about fishing here – soak up in the scenes around while hoping to catch some fish!

Mountain biking

If mere cycling isn’t for you, you’ve even got mountain biking here! Go across the beautiful mountain ranges in Monaco with the wind blowing in your face as you cruise through the tough turns and slopes!

So that’s a little bit of what you can do while out in Monaco! Cheers to your adventures in Monaco!

Best hotels in Monaco

If you’ve been preparing your travel bucket list, you better don’t forget to add Monaco to it! Monaco is a stunning country, and it may not be on every traveler’s hit list because its beauty is underrated. But those who have been to Monaco are all praises about it! So if Monaco is the next place on your list, you also need to have a fair idea about the hotels where you can reside while touring Monaco, isn’t it? So here’s a list of the best hotels in Monaco – and setting up camp here won’t disappoint you at all! So here we go:

Hotel Monte Carlo

The elegance and beauty of this hotel are what instantly draws you towards it. You fall in love with the all the elements here – right from the spacious rooms, courtyards, the intricate architecture and of course, the Michelin starred cuisine! The extra perks which this hotel comes in with – the private jetty and the private beach are definitely something you can revel in. Quite an exquisite option, must say!

Hotel Monte Carlo

Hotel Ambassador

Located at the foot of Monaco, this hotel is known for its proximity to the hotspots of Monaco. You will be left impressed with the friendly and super warm staff in here, and yes, the fact that the buffet breakfast is included in the room charges is something worth considering too! The majestic Mediterranean and the pristine beaches surrounding this hotel is what make you consider this option for a comfortable stay in Monaco.

Hotel Hermitage

How about reserving a stay in a plush, elegant hotel in Monaco? This is the perfect place for you to rewind, relax and unwind while on vacation. A palatial space, this hotel brings the best to you – be it the food, the hospitable and courteous staff, the breathtaking views and most importantly, a supremely comfortable stay. The perfectly refined views of Monaco from this equally perfectly crafted place are not something worth giving a miss – so give it a go!

Hotel Hermitage

Port Palace Hotel

\This one is nestled in the perfect place – the rooms give you a direct view of the sea, the port and all the exciting events happening around! And you would definitely not like to miss out on all the port activity for sure. Special facilities to make you feel at home are right in here. The plush rooms, with all the extra amenities, are sure to make your stay in Monaco memorable!



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